I’ve been a fan of Nesskain since I saw his work 3 years ago. 


His mastery of anatomy is wonderful and when he plays with the form he does it in the most delightful ways. Take a look at his Oxford Circus or Harry Potter work to see that. 


You can see his work from 2009 on at his deviantArt site, or keep up with his work from July 2013 to current on his tumblr

But if you go way back in his catalogue, one of the most impressive things you will see is the evolution in his coloring. He started simply and a little mundanely. But now he has utter mastery over lighting and how he uses that to pull you into his stories.


I’m sure a lot of artists and illustrators have been paying attention to his new blog where he is giving lessons, tips and tutorials. If they aren’t, they really should.