The August Thorn

An ominous presence infiltrates the home of a proud and wealthy family while Europe is on the brink of launching the First Crusades into the Holy Land. Set across England, China, Norway, Africa and the Middle East, members of this family care for each other and make war on each other. As you see the family of man do the same.

All four parts of The August Thorn are plotted. We are currently writing and concepting characters. Look to ISC and here to keep abreast on the creation of this globe-trotting tale of espionage, family and conflict. 


Story and Character Concepting

We can’t always stay as serious as The August Thorn implies. For years we have been making new sandboxes to play in. Near future Blade Runner-esque techno sprawls, modern day detective noir and galaxy spanning, genre-mixing space operas make for fertile creative ground.

If you ever need characters, creatures, machines and locales to populate your playground, contact us.